IPOC200 DOSS 200M IP Over Coax Extender Passive Pair Bandwidth 10Mbps Distance Up To 200M 200M IP OVER COAX EXTENDER

Product Features:

1-CH IP extender over coax cable Transmit Ethernet signal over coax cable Transmission distance max up to 2 00m Access Control Method and Physical Layer Specification Comply with IEEE802.3,10BASE-T and 100BASE-T Passive device, no power required Real-time transmission Built-in TVS for surge protection Compact size, easy to install ABS engineering housing Product Overview:

IPOC200 is a kind of Ethernet signal extender over coax cable, which adopts specific technology for media conversion, complies with IEEE802.3, 10BASE-T and 100BASE-T Protocol Standards. The device can transmit Ethernet signal200 meters over coax cable without extra power provided. Built-in TVS for surge protection help IPOC200 can protect interior equipment when encounter badly thunderstorms from. As for the application area IPOC200 can be widely used for network monitoring project, upgrading from coaxial analog monitoring system to network HD monitoring system, and all the field of transmitting Ethernet signal over coax cable. Applications:

Security Monitoring System Triple-Play Transmission Solutions Intelligent Home System Industrial Control System Banking Security School Security Store Security Technical Specifications:

Model IPOC200 Product Name Single Channel IP Extender over Coax Applied Devices PoE Switch, Network DVR, Video Codec, Other Network Equipments _ Video Ethernet Port 10/100 Mbps Impedance UTP:100 ohm coax:75 ohm Distance Up to 200m(100Mbps) Power No Extra Power Needed _ Connector Video Port RJ45 (Female) Video Port BNC (Female) _ Protection Level Surge Protection Type RenewableSolid Surge Protection Coaxial Surge Protection 2KV(Common Mode), 10/700us IEC6100-4-5/1955(GB/T 1726, 5-1999) Twisted Pair Interface Surge Protection 2KV(Differential Mode), 10/700us IEC6100-4-5/1955(GB/T 1726, 5-1999) _ Operating Environment OperatingTemperature -20-85 ? Storage Temperature 0~95% Humidity 115mm*82mm*22mm _ Physical Properties Dimension(Length*Width*Height) ABS Engineering Plastic Housing Black Color 90g Weight >20000h Reliability MTBF _ Diagram:

Weight: 0.0820