IR to RF Remote Control Extender sender emitter Wireless works with Foxtel IQ2

Converts your remote from infrared to digital RF so you can control your AV gear, through walls, up to 40 metres away.

The original, and wonderful, Xray Remote Extender. Teaches your remote to see through walls.

Converts the infra-red signal from your remote to Radio Frequency, enabling you to keep your AV gear hidden away, operate your stereo from outside or change the Sky channel from another room. Magic!!

The XRAY Remote extender is an elegant alternative to IR Extenders or IR Blasters like Ellies or Powermid, the X-ray RF Transmitter actually fits inside your existing remote control.

How does it work?

The XRAY Remote transmitter is the same size as a AAA battery. Just use it to replace one of the batteries in your remote, connect the receiver to your appliance and you're all set. If your remote uses AA batteries, use the small extension sleeve included.

In the box

Battery Transmitter

RF Receiver / IR Blaster

IR Emitter

Power Adaptor

Range: up to 100+ feet (30 meters)

Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz

AC Adaptor Voltage:

Input: 230/ 240V AC, 50Hz

Battery: 1.5V 2/3 AAA (rechargeable)

Please Note: The unit may not work if your WiFi is set to - 2.4GHZ. You may need to change the channel of the WiFi router.

NOTE: This IR extender is not compatible with the Foxtel iQ4 Bluetooth Remote.

1-year warranty.