Iron On Numbers 11pc Set 10cm White

This handy eleven piece set of iron-on numbers is perfect for labelling team gear, gymnastics outfits, sportswear, dance costumes and everyday clothing. Suitable for arm sleeves, shorts or where a small identifier is required. Each number is 100mm tall and irons on easily using a standard household iron. This set features 1pc each of numbers 0-9, and an additional number 1.

Can be use on fabrics with the following fibres and blends:

Polyesters, Nylon, Spandex, Cottons

Full application instructions are included and these are washable on a cool setting.


  • White iron-on numbers
  • Numbers 0-9 plus an additional number 1
  • Numbers iron on using a standard iron

Pack Contents

  • 11 pieces
  • Each piece 100mm tall
  • Colour white