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IronHartTM 5-Level Resistance Expander Band Set 5pcs Set

IronHartTM 5-Level Resistance Expander Band is a multi-functional device that can replace other more expensive training equipment. It works perfectly during rehabilitation exercises, in Pilates training, or in everyday gymnastics.

With the help of the band, you will strengthen the muscles and joints of almost every part of the body, improve endurance, sculpt your figure and increase your strength.

Elastic tape for exercise is a small, practical and lightweight product that you will use both at home and in gym.

For comfort of use, the degrees of stretch are marked with different colors. It is available in five versions, each with a different degree of stretch, which allows you to vary the exercises and adapt them to individual needs. Thanks to this, your training will be accurate and effective, regardless of whether you are a beginner or have been training for a long time.

*Authentic Product Photo from our samples (above).

Only the best quality materials are used in production, which guarantees that the tapes will be flexible and durable even after a long period of use.

Long-lasting Elasticity & Durable---Remains strong elasticity after frequent uses thanks to the one-piece formed process, which means no glues or additives that will affect the elasticity of the band is used in production.


LIME 600*50*0.5mm Resistance=5kg;

BLUE 600*50*0.7mm Resistance=10kg;

YELLOW 600*50*0.9mm Resistance=15kg;

RED 600*50*1.0mm Resistance=20kg;

BLACK 600*50*1.0mm Resistance=25kg.

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19 May 2020

Great item, great price!

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18 May 2020

Great product and value!

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31 May 2020

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