IST Adult M75 Silicon Mask & Snorkel Set for Snorkelling or Scuba - Black

Create some memories that will last a lifetime and explore Australias beautiful underwater world with this professional grade Mask & Snorkel Set. Think schools of colourful fish, interesting rock formations, coral reefs and creeping crustaceans.

What are you waiting for, purchase this Mask & Snorkel set and start exploring today! Made of high quality silicone, and featuring all the modern comfort and safety features you should expect from a modern Mask & Snorkel Set - purge valve, tempered glass and dry top snorkel. You can expect this Mask & Snorkel set to last you for many years.

IST Sports are one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality Snorkeling and Scuba diving equipment. There are many cheap inferior copies of their products but none match the quality of genuine IST Water Sports equipment.

Suitable and rated for both SCUBA DIVING and SNORKELLING.
Will fit most male and female faces.

The ALL Black IST M75 Mask's silicon skirt provides an excellent seal to the face. Flexible silicon tube IST SN60 snorkel with Quick Release. These top quality mask and snorkel sets from IST make a great combination.
- This solid Black mask blocks excessive light from entering which is preferred by most Underwater Photographers, Night Divers and for Spearfishing.
- This is a high quality mask which will be at home Scuba Diving or a relaxing Snorkel around the reef.
- The comfortable, high quality hypoallergenic silicon skirt fits a wide range of facial shapes with a very assuring seal.
- The soft silicon nose pocket has plenty of clearance for equalising with gloves on and is very soft on the nose.
- Make no mistake, this mask is not a toy or a throw-away. It will last you for years with just a little bit of care after each use. (just wash in fresh water!)


  • Liquid Skin Two different silicones melded together.
  • Firmer for the support structure and softer where the mask contacts your face.
  • Tricomfort Fit A softer material overmoulded in the area of the forehead and nose providing superior comfort.
  • Mid Size Design Because everyone has a different shaped face, a mid size mask will fit the greatest number of face shapes.

This snorkel is the workhorse of our range. The soft silicon mouthpiece is easily replaced if required and the integrated purge valve makes for easy water clearance. It also features a splash guard to channel incoming water and waves away from the air passage. A rugged but modern looking snorkel which if looked after (washed in fresh water after every use and not left out in the sun) will give many years of service.


  • Silicon Mouthpiece (replaceable)
  • Splash Guard
  • Purge Valve
  • Quick Release Clip Quickly and easily detach and re-attach the snorkel from your mask
  • Hydrodynamic Design to minimise drag
  • Anti-Splash Top Designed to prevent any water splash from entering the breathing tube
  • Purge Valve System Allows any water in the tube after a dive to quickly drain out the bottom

Whats Included:
1 x IST M75 Martinique Black Mask
1 x IST SN60 Black Snorkel