IST Size AU13 Sports Plus Scuba Diver Package Yellow

IST SPORTS PLUS DIVER PACKAGE includes AU Size #13 Dive Boots

Perfectly suited to either SCUBA Diving or Snorkelling.
Innovative New Design and Materials
Optimum 22o blade angle gives maximum thrust for minimum effort

If you are after value for your money, then you can't go past this Professional Sports Diver Package. Perfectly suited to the budget conscious SCUBA Diver or Snorkeller.

You get a pair of Robust and Powerful Open Heel Fins, a pair of 5mm Neoprene Dive Boots, all paired up with a matching Mask & Snorkel set featuring a Liquid Injection Silicon Skirt.

Keep reading below for a more detailed description of each item in this amazing package.You will not find better value anywhere!


  • By combining style, form and function IST have developed the FP01 SUMI fin to be the first choice of divers everywhere. It is lightweight (~2kg) yet very strong, it is flexible to channel water off the fin yet has the stiffness to provide power when needed.
  • The SUMI fin has a fairly wide foot pocket to accommodate a range of dive boot styles so you are assured of a good fit no matter what style of dive boot you wear. The foot pocket has multiple drain holes to allow for fast emptying of the foot pocket when exiting the water.
  • The heel strap has a loop which is very handy for pulling the strap over the back of your dive boot and also provides extra security for those dive boots that have a bump on the heel to stop the heel strap from slipping. The straps and buckles are of a standard type so if they ever need replacing you should be able to source them at any dive store.

From the manufacturers brochure
By utilizing various materials stiffness and innovative structural arrangements, SUMi was designed to produce propulsion efficiency. The end result is a pair of fins which is not only easy to kick with, but excellent momentum is created in the process to quickly propel the diver forward.

The fins foot pocket fitting is the result of our extended research and manufacturing experience. This is an often neglected criterion when divers choose their fins. We are confident that SUMi will be one of the most comfortable fins that people put on.

On top of the fin blade there are 6 water channelling guides to direct large amount of water backwards and the 22o blade-to-foot angle provides the best kicking efficiency.

It is not recommended to wear these fins with bare feet. Dive boots or socks are required.


  • 5mm neoprene boots - Vulcanized rubber sole
  • 5mm Neoprene with side entry H/D zips. Very comfortable and easy to get on & off with the side zippers.
  • These are a very tough and comfortable dive boot.
  • The vulcanised rubber sole gives good protection when walking across the reef to get to that fantastic dive site.


  • Tempered Glass Twin Lense Mask - Hypoallergenic Silicon Skirt
  • The comfortable, high quality hypoallergenic silicon skirt fits a wide range of facial shapes with a very assuring seal. The soft silicon nose pocket has plenty of clearance for equalising with gloves on and is very soft on the nose.
  • Make no mistake, this mask is not a toy or a throw-away. It will last you for years with just a little bit of care after each use. (just wash in fresh water!)

- Liquid Skin
Two different silicones melded together. Firmer for the support structure and softer where the mask contacts your face.

- Tricomfort Fit
A softer material overmoulded in the area of the forehead and nose providing superior comfort.

- Mid Size Design
Because everyone has a different shaped face, a mid size mask will fit the greatest number of face shapes. The mid size mask has some overlap into the small and large designs.


  • Silicon Mouthpiece (replaceable) - Splash Gaurd - Purge Valve
  • This snorkel is the workhorse of our range. The soft silicon mouthpiece is easily replaced if required and the integrated purge valve makes for easy water clearance.
  • It also features a splash guard to channel incoming water and waves away from the air passage.
  • A rugged but modern looking snorkel which if looked after (washed in fresh water after every use and not left out in the sun) should give many years of service.

- Hydrodynamic Design
Contoured design to minimise drag both above and below the water.

- Anti-Splash Top
Designed to prevent any water splash from entering the breathing tube. Provides a very efficient barrier from water entering the tube when waves wash over your head or splashing from other snorkelers nearby.

- Purge Valve System
Allow any water in the tube after a dive to quickly drain out the bottom of the tube simply by lifting your head.

1 x Pair YELLOW IST FP-01 Open Heel Fins Size: XL
1 x Pair 5mm Neoprene Dive Boots Size: AU13
1 x M-75 Black Silicon Mask
1 x SN-60 Black SNORKEL