IST Women's SMALL Snorkelling Set (size US #4-#7, EU 35-40) Pink


Create some memories that will last a lifetime and explore Australias beautiful underwater world with this compact Otter Snorkelling Set. Think schools of colourful fish, interesting rock formations, coral reefs and creeping crustaceans. What are you waiting for, purchase this Otter Snorkelling set and start exploring today!

Made of high quality silicone, and featuring all the modern comfort and safety features you should expect from a snorkelling kit - purge valve, tempered glass, dry top snorkel - and streamlined fins for ultimate thrust, you'll be exploring underwater worlds in no time!

IST Sports are one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality Snorkeling and Scuba diving equipment. There are many cheap inferior copies of their products but none match the quality of genuine IST Sports equipment.

Fits Womens Shoe sizes: US #4-#7, EU 35-40

The Otter Fins

  • Soft comfortable rubber foot pocket with open toe for quick drainage
  • Central flexible water channel for greater thrust and speed thru the water
  • Open Heel design fits a wide range of foot sizes
  • Great to take travelling being compact enough to fit in your travel bag
  • Fin dimensions are 39cm x 19cm

The Mask

  • Tempered Glass Twin Lens Mask
  • Hypoallergenic Clear Silicon Skirt giving excellent peripheral vision
  • The mask design fits a wide range of face shapes giving a watertight seal

The Snorkel

  • Soft and comfortable Silicon Mouthpiece
  • Snorkel Keeper keeps the snorkel tight against the mask
  • Splash Guard channles incoming waves and water away from the air passage
  • Integrated Purge Valve makes clearing any water from the snorkel a breeze

Whats Included:
1 x PAIR of Open Heel Pink Snorkelling Otter Fins
1 x IST M75 Pink Mask
1 x IST SN60 Pink Snorkel
1 x Mesh Carry Bag
1x Bonus Pair of Neoprene Heel Protectors

Colour: Pink/Black Fins, Pink/Clear Mask & Pink/Clear Snorkel