IST YOUTH Snorkelling Mask Snorkel Fins Flipper Set (size AU4-7 shoe size) Pink

Take your child on an amazing snorkelling adventure and discover a whole new world with them with this high quality kids snorkelling set from IST Sports.

Made of high quality silicone, and featuring all the modern comfort and safety features you should expect from a snorkelling kit - purge valve, tempered glass, dry top snorkel - and streamlined fins for ultimate thrust, you'll be exploring underwater worlds in no time!

Snorkeling in the depths of Australias magical, underwater ecosystems (or even just in the backyard pool) is a fantastic experience for kids. But, you need the right gear to make sure your child is safe and comfortable. The IST CF06 kids Snorkeling Set, is an all-in-one package with snorkel, mask and fins - and is a great choice.

IST are one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality Snorkeling and Scuba diving equipment. There are many cheap inferior copies of their products but none match the quality of genuine IST Snorkeling equipment.

Adult Quality in a Junior Size
Fits Kids Shoe sizes: AU:4-7, EU:34-38

The Junior Twingo is a smaller mask which your kids will find noticeably softer than standard silicone.

  • Quick-adjust strap buckles attached to the skirt
  • Comfortable twin lens mask
  • Skirt is able to accept a great range of facial profiles
  • Hypoallergenic mask skirt and strap
  • Swivel buckles add to comfort while wearing

The Hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece is a small size suitable for children.

  • Silicon Mouthpiece
  • Splash Guard
  • Easy to adjust snorkel holder
  • Purge valve for water-clearing

Whats Included:
1 x PAIR of Open Heel PINK Snorkelling FK09 Fins
1 x IST M59 PINK Mask
1 x IST SNK8 WHITE Snorkel
1 x Mesh Carry Bag

Colour: PINK Fins, PINK Mask & WHITE Snorkel

Size: KIDS SIZE LX/L FINS (AU 4-7, EU 34 - 38)