John Deere Premium Xtrac Pedal Tractor and Maxi Loader

John Deere Premium Xtrac Tractor with Maxi Loader

Rolly pedal powered vehicles provide a fun and exciting way to exercise while helping to develop fine motor skills. The rollyX-Trac Premium tractor comes complete with a front loader and a tipping digger bucket.

It has an opening hood for extra play value and blow molded seat can adjust 4 positions (length and height) to grow with your child.

Mechanic features include a strong 12mm thick rear axle, covered integral fixed wheel chain drive, a pedal crank with eccentric bearing chain tensioning system, anti slip pedals, a heavy duty front axle with suspension.

The rolly Trac Loader can be removed easily, because it is only fixed with 2 bolts.

For additional play value purchase attachments like Rolly Tanker (YG0388) or rolly Halfpipe Trailer (YG0413)

RollyX-Trac Premium John Deere 8400R with rolly Trac Loader

  • High impact blow molded resin body
  • Fully functional front loader with real scooping and tipping action
  • Front lifting hood for extra play value
  • Integrated front fenders
  • 4 Position adjustable seat (length and height)
  • Front and rear hitch for adding accessories
  • Weight capacity up to 45kg
  • Recommended ages: 3 - 10 years
  • Rider Height Range: ; 110-140cm

;Product Dimension - 152 ; x 55 ; x 90cm (h) ; / 21kg