Joyroom Wireless Remotes Left and Right Controllers with the built-in gyroscope supports motion sensing function Controller Replacement


  • Name:Left and right wireless controller
  • Model:Switch-8588
  • Charging time:About 3 hours
  • Using distance range:≤8M


1.This handle is a small bluetooth wireless left and right handle,compatible with SWH game consoles,and supports plug-and-play with the console.

2.This handle can be used as a whole handle,and the left and right handles can also be used as two independent handles.

3.Supports automatic pairing with the host,plug and play, no need to set,simple and convenient.

4.Wireless connection,strong anti-interference ability,stable connection signal.

5.The built-in gyroscope on the handle supports motion sensing.

6.Each of the left and right handles has a built-in motor to support the vibration function.

7.You can connect multiple wireless controllers to the host to play multiplayer games at the same time.

8.This handle can be connected to a computer via a USB cable and upgraded with updated software.

The host-side wireless upgrade operation is not supported.

Packing list: 1 X Blue Wireless Left Handle, 1 X Red Wireless Right Handle,1 X Manual