Just Mobile AluPen Twist S Dual Ink/Stylus Pen for iPad/Tablet Smartphones Paper

AluPen Twist S The dual-purpose stylus for touchscreens and paper ;

Just Mobile AluPen Twist S is the dual-function stylus for smartphones and tablets. Twist its textured ABS plastic end to reveal a conductive rubber nib for superior control of smartphone and tablet screens. Or twist its sleek aluminium end to reveal a high-quality ballpoint pen. ;

With high-quality construction and an Iconic tapered design, AluPen Twist S isn't simply an ergonomic masterpiece - it's the must-have stylus for 21st-century scribblers. ;

High-quality aluminium-and-ABS construction ;

Stylus compatible with all capacitive-screen smartphones and tablets ;

Robust twist mechanism Nibs protected when not in use ;

Replaceable ballpoint pen (SCHMIDT Refill) ;

This item comes with 12 month warranty ;