Justice League Embroidered Shield Men's T-Shirt

Hankering for elegant Justice League patchwork that might adorn only the finest jean jackets? Hoping that patchwork might adorn a t-shirt since your jean jacket is currently covered with images of ;80's Metal bands? I think we have the exact bit of rugged Justice League fashion you're looking for with the Justice League Embroidered Shield Men's T-Shirt . Made from 100% cotton, this heather-blue Justice League t-shirt for men features a MASSIVE badge affixed to the t-shirt with thick, blue, bubbling ink ;resembling embroidery. The backing is split between angled blue and white stripes, and red and cream vertical bars. Symbols! Within the badge rests the cream colored symbols of stalwart Justice League members outlined in -- that's right -- ;blue faux embroidery. Logo! And what's that between 2 sets of Justice League symbols? Why, that would be the text, "JUSTICE LEAGUE." It's also pretend-embroidered.