Kamin Roll On Perfume Oil Dragons Blood - Women's Body Roll On Fragrance

Kamin Roll On Perfume Oil Dragons Blood - 8ml Bottle

When you need some fire in your life, what better than the Dragon Blood to fire things up. The sweet and soft yet extremely delicate fragrance of this perfume works on very subtle levels to cleanse your body and energize it with positivity. The main ingredient of the perfume is the highly coveted resin of the dracaena trees. It is blended with amber, vanilla and other warming and freshening scents to create a bouquet of fragrance that has deeply calming effect. When preparing yourself for a spiritual experience or an encounter that will help you connect with yourself or someone else, Dragon Blood is what you need on you.

Kamini make a large range of products from incense, oils, resins, charcoals and much much more. They are a reputable brand so you can be confident that your Kamini Perfume Oil is an A-grade product.