Kamini Roll On Perfume Oil Frangipani - Women's Body Roll On Fragrance

Kamini Roll On Perfume Oil Frangipani - 8ml Bottle

Frangipani is a classic perfume which has that attractive scent that bestows charm, glamour and elegance on its wearer. Like all of our other quality perfumes, Frangipani by Kamini is made from a purely natural source which comprises of essential oil and non-alcoholic ingredients while still attaining strong aromatic properties. So be rest assured that your Frangipani perfume will always be there to adorn your dressing with that irresistibly alluring fragrance you deserve.

The liquid is contained in a strong cylindrical glass container, with a tight covering to ensure safe-keeping as it prevents the liquid from spilling or leaking due to an impact or mishandling.

Looking for an ideal alternative to ordinary deodorants and colognes? Order this amazing Frangipani perfume oil today and experience the essence of its distinctive qualities.