Kamini Roll On Perfume Oil Passion Potion - Women's Body Roll On Fragrance

Kamini Roll On Perfume Oil Passion Potion - 8ml Bottle

When love is in the air, all you need to wear is a few drops of our Passion Potion perfume oil. Its warm and sensuous fragrance will open your senses to subtle touch and enhance the experience manifold. Its heady warm chocolate smell is spiced by the aroma of black pepper and vanilla. Hints of Jasmine and Rose essential oil add the delicate floral accents so essential for a passion evoking perfume. Just a little hint of this aphrodisiac perfume will have you touch the depths of emotions never felt before.

Kamini make a large range of products from incense, oils, resins, charcoals and much much more. They are a reputable brand so you can be confident that your Kamini Perfume Oil is an A-grade product.