Kamini Roll On Perfume Patchouli - Premium Body Roll On Fragrance

Kamini Roll On Perfume Patchouli - 8ml Bottle

Patchouli is an extremely popular and classic perfume oil made by Kamini. It has a alluring fragrance which adorns its wearer with a heartening and admiring effect. It's chemical and alcohol free formula makes this patchouli perfume a safe and ideal alternative to ordinary deodorants and colognes. Made from essential oils and other natural ingredients this oils is a must have if you're cautious about what you put onto your body.

The perfume oil is contained in a strong cylindrical glass container, with a tight covering to ensure safe-keeping as it prevents the liquid from spilling or leaking due to impacts or mishandling. Perfect to keep in your handbag!

Looking to fulfil your day with elegance and admiration? Order patchouli now, and have it at your doorstep in next to no time.