Kamini Treasure Chest Incense Sticks - 200 Sticks - Bulk Box - BATCH

1 Box Of 200 Kamini Treasure Chest Incense Sticks

We sell our Kamini Treasure Chest incense sticks in bulk packets of 200 sticks per box. Each 200 stick box contains 25 smaller individual packets which is great as it keeps your supply nice and fresh until you need it. It also allows you to save on Kamini's Treasure Chest incense by buying in it bulk.

Kamini Treasure Chest Incense Sticks Feature:

  • 200 incense sticks per box
  • Each complete box weighs approximately 270 grams
  • Kamini Treasure Chest incense is made from natural ingredients
  • Each incense stick is approximately 23cm long

Kamini are one of the best kept secrets in the incense world. Made in Bangalore, India, Kamini have a huge following over in Europe. At The Hippie House we're proud to stock the complete range of Kamini incense sticks, garden incense sticks, incense cones and their range of beautiful perfumes.