Kayser Stainless Steel Standard Cream Whipper 500ml

Made from high quality satin brushed stainless steel and ready for action whenever you need freshly whipped cream, mousse or fluffy sauces, this Cream Whipper from Kayser has a capacity of up to 500ml. A special gadget for the serious cook or cake decorator, it offers professional results and will store ingredients in the refrigerator ready for use.Whipping up to 0.5 litre of fresh cream per bulb, the cream charger contains the purest and cleanest Nitrous Oxide available. Decorating cakes, desserts or filling a bowl with snowy white whip to serve with freshly baked scones and jam, you will never be without a seductive scoop of fluffy cream. The charging bulbs are non-refillable and made from recyclable steel which has been lacquered.

Construction: Stainless steel body Drop forged alloy head Capacity: 500 ml of whipping cream Feature: Re-usable Aerates and dispenses Recipes & instructions included Colour: Silver Warranty: Quality assured