KC Tools 3/4" Dr 250mm Impact Socket Extension Bar

The impact socket extension bar from KC Tools is engineered professionally so that you can use it with impact drivers. It comes in various sizes, including this 3/4 option. Whenever you need to access fasteners that are not within your normal reach, you can use this extension bar instead.

It is spring-loaded, which provides more security once the bar has latched onto the socket. Therefore, there is a much lower chance of the tool dropping out of the connection. It has a through-hole in its drive ends, which efficiently locks itself onto the drive tang. You cannot find a better product that gives this much thought in the tools security when attached to the sockets.

KC Tools has carefully chosen the materials to use for this product. It is why it is made of quality steel with a protective finish to prevent it from rusting prematurely. Aside from being corrosion-resistant, the extension bar is also durable and versatile. Use it on impact guns and breaker bars.

Because of the confidence that we have with this impact socket extension bar, all buyers get a lifetime warranty on the product. You can never go wrong with this tool, which has become essential for many auto shops and garages.