KEMO Battery Discharge Protector Interrupting voltage 10.4-13.3 VDC

Brand New

Protects your car battery from total discharge by switching off appliances such as fridges and TV sets before the battery voltage drops to an unrecoverable level. When battery voltage is re-established by recharging, it switches appliances on automatically. The interrupting voltage is adjustable from 10.4 to13.3 VDC. Essential low-cost insurance if you have a dual battery setup in a boat, 4WD, RV or for an alternative energy system such as solar or wind power.

Operating voltage: 12VDC
Max. switching current: 20A
Interrupting voltage: 10.4 - 13.3VDC
Resetting voltage: approx. 0.8V ( 0.3V) above interrupt voltage
Current consumption: < 0.7mA when OFF, < 1.6mA when ON
Dimensions: 87(L) x 60(W) x 32(H)mm