Kensington 2.4A USB Charger/4 Port Charging Hub Station for Smartphones Tablet

All the Power You’ll Ever Need
Now you can power up to four tablets and/or smartphones at the same time with the 48W 4-Port USB Charger from Kensington. PowerWhiz™ Technology allows almost any device to be plugged into the charger and automatically recognises the device to give it the correct number of AMPs for a fast, safe charge. You can mix and match any combination of devices to plug into the four USB ports, and each port can carry up to 2.4 AMPs of power to ensure even tablets get a speedy charge. And to ensure you don’t have to sacrifice outlet space around your desk or in the house, the charger only needs a single wall socket to get those device batteries filled up.
PowerWhiz™ automatically detects your device(s) to provide a fast, safe charge
Charges up to four tablets or smartphones simultaneously
Each USB port can provide up to 2.4 AMPs of power
Plugs into a single wall outlet
Width: 150mm
Height: 225mm
Weight: 0.609kg