KeyBudz AirDockz - Magnetic Dock for Airpods - Blush Pink

AirDockz provide a convenient dock to place your AirPods when not in use. Featuring a magnetic base, the AirDockz keep AirPods secured in the office, car, or virtually anywhere you use your AirPods. A restickable adhesive strip allows you to restick the AirDockz onto any surface over and over again. Never lose track of your AirPods again.

Key Features:

  • Perfect place to dock your AirPods when not in use
  • Keep track of your AirPods in any room, car or office
  • Residue-free restickable adhesive that's easy to remove and reapply
  • Strong magnets to secure your AirPods on any flat surface
  • Compatible with AirPods (Gen. 1 & 2)