Kfibre 100% Natural Whole Plant Fibre 100g

Kfibre is a natural, complex, raw un-purified prebiotic dietary fibre for gut health management and microbiome/immune support containing active phytonutrients & antioxidants and that equals pure prebiotic power for all stages of life and diets, this includes children on solids to our Great-Grandparents. And everyone in between.

Its that good we do not need to hide behind flavours and additives! Thats not what Kfibre is about!

So, if you live with bloating, indigestion or heartburn, constipation, FODMAP, or food intolerances (Kfibre has no known allergens) that keep you from an optimal healthy digestion or wish to lose a little weight then Kfibre is for you.

Look around our website and see why it is a game changer in microbiome/immune health!

Proudly Australian Made and owned.

Support your Microbiome

The insoluble fibre and prebiotic in Kfibre is fermented by your bacteria at a more uniform rate than other fibres so the benefits to you are delivered along the entire digestive system keeping your microbiome balanced.

Normalise your Digestion

Kfibre contains natural phytonutrients - Complex Prebiotics & functional fibres (Insoluble and soluble), Policosanols, flavonoids, essential micronutrients Chromium & Selenium.

Relief from Dietary Constipation

Kfibre absorbs water as it moves from the stomach and retains it as it moves into and through the bowel picking up waste, acting like a brush helping to keep our bowels cleaner.

Dietary Indigestion & Heartburn

Kfibre contains a powerful combination of phytonutrients, antioxidants, powerful plant micronutrients . These feel-good properties aim to promote healthy digestion and relieve the symptoms of indigestion & heartburn quickly & safely!

Weight Management & Appetite Control

Kfibre has completed a 90 subject weight loss study that demonstrates significantly improved outcomes for a weight loss program that included Kfibre compared to another fibre.

10.06kg vs 5.7kg for females and 9.97kg vs 6.41kg for males.

Dietary assistance for IBS, IBD, & Coeliac

Kfibre has natural dietary anti-inflammatory properties, Supporting good bacteria and microbiome, Overeating, leaving you fuller for longer, Promotes muscle activity in the intestines, helping food pass through intestines more quickly.

How to Use

Kfibre can be mixed with your favourite beverage or food; for example; water, juice, smoothies, milk, soup, baked goods, cereal and many more.

Kfibre 100% Natural Whole Plant Fibre 100g

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