Kiahloc Large Rectangular Basket - White

KiahLoc ALTA Series design for only white and black bathroom and kitchen suction hook accessories; which give you a nice and stylish appearance. Your home looks better and well-organized.

The stylish design of the shelf will add elegance to your kitchen or bathroom. The shelf provides additional space for storing kitchen items and bathroom accessories. It withstands high load and is resistant to humidity and temperature changes.

Our Patent Yellow indicator ring is a reminder tool to let you know the status of the suction hook. So we named it “ Speaking Hook”. When you see the yellow indicator ring pops up, don’t panic. The ring tells you that the load force is losing and then the suction cup may drop soon. The solution is very simple! You either need to press the button few times to reinstall the load force, or follow the instruction carefully to re-install another mounting spot. The function of ring also helps you to see immediately that the mounting surface is suitable for installing the suction cup or not. If you see the yellow ring pops up within few minutes or few hours on the first time installation, it is for sure that the surface is not suitable for any suction cup product; you must change to other mounting surface

**Dimensions:**300mm x 167mm x 206mm
Weight: 622g
Loading Weight: 5kg
Color: Metallic White
Material: Metal or Premium Stainless Steel