Kid's Concept Bead Frame - NEO

The wooden activity Kid's Concept NEO Bead Frame is ideal for improving eye to hand coordination for small children.

Learn about the different shapes and colours. The two mammoths, Leo and Neo, Lisa the bird and the Otto the mudskipper can slide along the path. The bead maze has blocks shaped like volcanoes, together with other colourful different shaped beads.

Suitable Ages: 12+ months.


  • Bead Frame
  • by: Kid's Concept
  • Concept: NEO
  • Includes: 1 Bead Frame
  • Designed for small hands
  • Trains hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving skills.
  • Product Dimensions: 24.5cm(L) x 17.5cm(W) x 19cm(H) x 816g approx
  • Pack Dimensions: 19.5cm(H) x 19cm(W) x 25.5cm(D) x 1kg approx
  • Suitable Ages: 12+ months.


  • Wood/Metal

Extra Info

Images shown are only a representation and may vary.

The product is intended for children over 12 months.
Retain all information.
Remove all packaging before giving the toy to a child.

The NEO collection is all about the NEOlithic age. Back to the Stone Age with rocks & pebbles, volcanoes, mammoths and other creatures that don't exist today.