Kinto Stacking Mug - Grey

The Stacking Mug by Kinto

Upgrade your daily brew with 320ml Kinto Stacking Mugs. Made from durable porcelain and finished with a smooth matte glaze in either gray, white, or navy blue, making these mugs are just as stylish as they are functional.

Each much is designed so that it can stack on top of another Kinto Stacking Mug seamlessly no wobbling, tilting, or breaking. This simplifies storage and frees up cabinet space, making these mugs great for daily use.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.


  • 1 x Kinto Stacking Mug

Material Porcelain Capacity 320ml Dimensions 85 x H90 x W110 mm### Kinto Stacking Mug Is Compatible With

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Available Styles

  • Gray
  • Navy
  • White