Kitchen Vacuum Food Sealer Sous Vide Machine 100W WHITE

**Description:**Did you know that vacuum sealing food massively increases the time it can be stored without freezing? Keep your food fresh with the Home Ready Food Vacuum Sealer. The Food Sealer removes air to preserve the freshness of your fruit, veggies and dairy products to prolong their shelf life and minimise food waste at home.

Plus, you can also buy food in bulk and store them in smaller portions by vacuum sealing each pack. With up to 28cm wide in sealing size, you can easily store medium size meats to smaller sized vegetables and fruits. Vacuum sealing food also eliminates the need for containers that take up space and often leak and will often be saving by not having to freeze food!

Operating the vacuum sealer is easy. Just place the food in the two-sided twill bag, adjust your settings and seal it. It’s that easy.

Don’t let fresh food go to waste because of poor storage. Keep it fresh longer with our Vacuum Food Sealer.

Product Features:- 8x Longer Food Preservation: This vacuum sealer machine can keep food fresh up to 8x longer, prevents freezer burn, reduces spillage and food waste. It also can sous vide cooking, seal precious information, or just for simply saving spaces for proper storage

  • Innovative Technology: Bag cutter function for repeatedly using bags, more economical, more environmentally friendly, dual slot design for a tightly seal, Two modes for vacuum sealing and seal only meeting your several choices
  • Simple Operation: Only 8 seconds for vacuuming and sealing in one touch. Close the lid, press dual side slot, press “vac seal ”button and wait for the light to go from green to red to green for vacuum and seal. Above processes finished is OK
  • Compact Size for Easier Storage : Small size (372 x 94 x 69mm (L x W x H)) makes storing easy in an already full kitchen. This vacuum sealer doesn't take up a huge amount of counter space. Portable size is perfect for home and outdoors using
  • Full Accessories & 1-YEAR Warranty for You: 3x Free Fresh-Keeping Pre Cut Bags(5cm x 30cm) and user manual are provided to you

Product Included:- Vacuum Food Sealer Machine

  • Bonus Vacuum Pre-Cut Bags x3 (25cm x 30cm)
  • User Manual

**Product Specification:**Brand: Home Ready
Function: Vacuum & Sealer
Voltage: 220 - 240V/ 50Hz
Power: 100W
Vacuum Sealing Time: 8S
Sealing Width: 28cm
Dimension: 372 x 94 x 69mm (L x W x H)
Colour: White
Noise: <68dB

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06 September 2020

Very noisy but does the job, over heats easily so if you plan to use it for bulk items instead of here and there items then you might want to invest in a decent one but for the price it does seal a bag :)

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11 July 2020

Works well. Love the option of vac and seal or just seal.

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29 April 2020

great product very easy to use seals food perfectly so you can extend its shelf life great transaction very responsive seller highly recommend

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02 December 2019

Could not be better to deal with . AAA

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25 May 2019

works great

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