Knife Set with Block and Sharpener (17 Piece)


Elevate your culinary skills with this range of precision-engineered kitchen tools, ready to take your food creations to the next level set to handle all of your kitchen requirements - presented in a beautiful acrylic stand.Sharp, functional, sturdy and brilliantly presented with no rust, stains or pitting, the Kitchen Precision 17 Piece Complete Kitchen Knife Set is the ultimate choice for the home chef.


17 Piece Complete Kitchen Knife Set includes seven specialty blades: Chef, Bread, Carving, Utility, Paring, Cheese and Pizza Knife. *** Plus six steak knives *** A versatile peeler *** Handy kitchen scissors *** A two-stage sharpener to ensure your knives stay sharp for their lifetime.


With low carbon and a high chromium content, 3CR13 is the leading choice for engineering tough, shock-absorbing knife blades with remarkable resistance to corrosion. The blades can tolerate a wide variety of conditions including high temperatures, humidity and airborne corrosives such as salt in a marine environment. Their non-stick coating results in smooth cuts and easy cleaning, while their ergonomic handles are textured for a confident grip.


All knives store safely in the beautifully presented acrylic knife block. Dishwasher safe; hand washing is recommended to retain the fine quality of the exceptional blade. This chic knife block set stores easily with the stand only taking up a 25 x 11cm footprint - and 38cm wide (from peeler to scissors) when fully loaded.

17 Piece Knife Set includes

Chef Knife
Bread Knife
Carving Knife
Utility Knife
Paring Knife
Two Stage Knife Sharpener
All knives stored in a beautifully presented Acrylic Block Six Steak Knives
Pizza Knife
Cheese Knife
Kitchen Scissors
Peeler / Grater
Larger, customised, beautifully presented Acrylic Block

Chef Knife: Curved 200mm blade allows knife to rock while cutting. Ideal for chopping and dicing.
Bread Knife: Serrated 195mm blade designed to cut through hard crust and soft breads.
Carving Knife: Allows precise carving of meat with 203mm blade. Great for poultry, roasts and large cooked meals.
**Utility Knife:**A 114mm blade designed to cut all types of fruits and vegetables and remove fat or sinew from meat.
Paring Knife: Perfect for peeling, trimming and segmenting fruits and vegetables with a precise 90mm blade.
Six Steak Knives: Fully serrated 106mm blades for reduced effort when cutting steak and curved handle for a confident grip.
Pizza Knife: Curved and serrated 98mm blade to slice and serves pizza.
Cheese Knife: Ideal for slicing and serving cheese with a unique 133mm structured blade for cutting without sticking.
Kitchen Scissors: Ideal for poultry and general cutting as well as a range of other kitchen tasks.
Versatile Peeler: Ideal for vegetables such as potatoes and carrots.
Two-Stage Sharpener: Keeps your cutting edge in razor sharp condition with fine and coarse sections.

STAY SHARP To ensure your Kitchen Precision knives stay sharp for their lifetime, we have included a Two-Stage Sharpener.
Regular use of the sharpener will improve the efficiency of the knives.

Knife Set with Block and Sharpener (17 Piece)


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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