Kodak Ultra Battery K123-LA

The Kodak Ultra Battery K123-LA deliver high power and last longer than their Alkaline counterparts. They are ideal for powering camera flashes.

Key Features of the Kodak Ultra Battery K123-LA

  • Kodak Max lithium batteries
  • Superior lithium performance
  • Specifically designed for demanding photo applications
  • Faster recycle time and up to 10% more fast flashes
  • 10-year shelf life and exceptionally wide temperature performance range


  • No added Mercury / 99.9999% Mercury-free

  • No added lead / 99.999% Lead free

  • No added Cadmium / 99.9999 Cadmium free

  • No added PFOS (Perflourooctane sulfonates)

  • This battery complies with ANSI C18, IEC 60086, and EU Directive 2013/56/EU & 2006/122/EC.

  • MPN - 30171671

  • GTIN - 887930171679

Kodak Ultra Battery K123-LA


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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