Kutsuwa T'GAAL pencil sharpner - Black

Only wooden pencil connoisseurs know that all sharpened wooden pencils are not created equal. The length of the sharpened lead core can make a big difference in a "make it or break it" lead experience. This pencil sharpener allows you to adjust the length of the sharpened lead core. Numbers are labeled on a dial, the larger the number the longer the sharpened lead core. Levels range from 1 to 5, as well as a "close" that shuts the pencil hole to avoid shaving spillage.

Japanese Kutsuwa STAD T'GAAL is a compact portable pencil sharper that can adjust sharpening angle and length in 5 different settings with a simple turn of a dial. For a sturdier tip, with less lead breakage, set the dial to a lower number such as 1 or 2. The shorter pencil tip is recommended for softer lead such as color pencils or for short pencils such as golf pencils and half pencils. To obtain a longer lead tip, set the dial to a higher number. Longer lead point lasts longer before having to sharpen again and is suitable for harder lead pencils. With any angle the dial is set to, this angle adjustable manual pencil sharpener produces a perfectly sharp point every time. When not in use, set the dial to “close” so the shutter slides down and keeps the pencil shavings from falling out of the hole. Contoured body fits comfortably in your hand and conveniently holds pencil shavings before it needs dumping. These unique sharpeners are available in light blue and pink. Made in Japan.


  • Point Adjustment
  • 10.4 mm
  • Standard
  • Handheld