Laurastar Smart I ironing system

Connected for Smarter ironing-Your ironing coach.

Your ironing system uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the mobile application and acts as your coach to beautify your clothes. Three types of video tutorials can offer assistance: they help with installation and basic ironing techniques, and give expert advice to iron silk, cotton and wool.

Smart and durable products

In a world where waste is an increasing problem, Laurastar is committed to respecting the environment and fighting against planned obsolescence. The brand manufactures lasting, reliable and high-quality products that are worthy of the Swiss values it upholds. Working against the concept of planned obsolescence, which forces consumers to replace their devices needlessly, Laurastar aims to repair all its products for a minimum period of 10 years. This policy prevents you from having to consume more than you need.

Hygienic Steam which Eliminates Up to 99.999 % of Bacteria

The Laurastar range features a unique type of steam, which purifies fabrics deep down. It eliminates the organisms that cause the allergies of modern living (humidity, insulation, heating, etc.) and prevents them from multiplying. Its high temperature, its ability to penetrate fibres, and its power mean that this unique steam destroys dust mites, bacteria and other fungi that resist warm wash cycles (40°C). Laurastar steam ensures that your clothing and linen are completely clean and hygienic.

* Scientific tests carried out by Scitec Research SA laboratory in Switzerland.

Title Description #### GENERAL

Steam pressure Constant pressure, 3.5 bars (double volume) Autonomous ironing Unlimited Device power 2200 W Ventilator power 7.2 W, 4 speeds Steam ready light Yes #### IRON

Iron soleplate Aluminium, brushed finish Iron rest Yes Iron weight 1,1 kg #### Water TANK

Tank capacity Around 1.2 litres Water level visible Yes Tank empty light Yes Tank handle Yes #### ANTI-LIMESCALE TREATMENT

Limescale system Yes Type of limescale system Filter cartridge #### DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT

Dimensions of the surface 125 x 42 cm Dimensions when folded (H x L x W) 132 x 42,4 x 21,8 cm Dimensions when unfolded (H x L x W) (83-104) 132 x 42,4 x 21,8 cm Height adjustable 83 - 104 cm Length of electric cable 2,3 m Length of steam cord 2,1 m Total weight 19 kg