LG 9.4kW Cool / 10.3kW Heat Split System Air Conditioner WH34SR-18


Come home to comfort ### Built-in Wi-Fi Smart Control

The LG Smart ThinQ app lets you access and control your air conditioner with your smartphone* even when you're not at home. *Feature can be accessed using LG Smart ThinQ app on Android or IOS smartphones. Internet connection required.

View your real time energy usage

A simple push of the remote control button allows you to conveniently view current energy usage on your air conditioner's LCD panel, keeping you informed and helping to reduce energy consumption. You can also view your weekly or monthly energy usage on the SmartThinQ App. ### Information at your fingertips

Smart Diagnosis provides usage tips and useful information based on your product usage patterns. If you experience a problem whilst using the product, we will help you to troubleshoot it using the Smart Diagnosis results. ### Take tighter control of your energy usage

Active Energy Control allows the user to adjust the energy levels to improve cooling efficiency and reduce power consumption. ### Breathe easier with improved air quality

The Plasmaster Ioniser generates over 3 million plasma ions which filtrate the air in the indoor environment and inside the air conditioning unit itself. ### Precise Temperature Control

The Compressor speed of the LG Dual Inverter Compressor is constantly adjusted and varied to maintain the desired temperature with less fluctuation than a non-inverter compressor. ### Sleep Easy

LG air conditioners operate at low sound levels, thanks to LGs unique skew fan and Dual Inverter Compressor which eliminate unnecessary noise and allows for smooth operation. ### Cool in the summer, warm in winter

This option conveniently sets an AC's louvers to a preset position so that outflowing air is directed away from a rooms occupants. ### Dual Inverter Compressor

LGs Dual Inverter Compressor is designed to cope with high temperatures, so great for those harsh Australian conditions. With the 10 year compressor parts warranty, you have the peace of mind that you can come home to comfort for years to come.
Features: ✓ Built-in Wi-Fi Smart Control
✓ Energy Display & Monitoring
✓ Active Energy Control
✓ Plasmaster Ioniser Plus

More Specs: Performance- Cooling Capacity (Rating): 9.40 kW

  • Heating Capacity (Rating): 10.30 KW
  • Power Input: Cooling: 2260W, Heating: 2240W
  • Rated Running Current: Cooling: 12.00A, Heating: 12.30A
  • AEER Cooling: 3.51 W/W
  • ACOP Heating: 3.76 W/W
  • Air Flow Rate (Indoor, Max): 516 L/s

Indoor Noise (dB(A) 3) (Sound Pressure Level) (H/M/L/S)- 51 / 46 / 42 / 33 (Actual installed noise levels vary depending on the installed location)

Outdoor Noise (dB(A) 3) (Sound Pressure Level) (H/M/L/S)- 66 (Actual installed noise levels vary depending on the installed location)

Moisture Removal (l/h):2.60 Technical- Refrigerant Charge (R32) at 7.5m: 2000 g

  • Pipe Run (Min / Max) (max elevation 10m): 3 m / 30 m
  • Circuit Breaker Size: 240 Volt 25 Amps
  • Additional Refrigerant (g/meter): 20 (Additional refrigerant required after 12.5m of piping)
  • Operating Range (Outdoor): Cooling -10 ~ 48oC, Heating -10 ~ 24oC
  • Pipe Size Connection (O): Liquid mm (inch) - 9.52 (3/8), Gas mm (inch) - 15.88 (5/8)

Outdoor Sound Power Level2 (SWL)- 66 dB(A) (Sound Power Level specification is measured in a reverberation test room according to ISO 3741)

Weight- Indoor (Weight): 19.50kg

  • Outdoor (Weight): 67.1kg

Energy Star Rating (Heating): 3
Energy Star Rating (Cooling): 2.50
Cooling Capacity: 9.4kW
Heating Capacity: 10.3kW

LG 9.4kW Cool / 10.3kW Heat Split System Air Conditioner WH34SR-18

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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 5 business days
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