LG R9 Master Powerful Robotic Vacuum R9Master


The R9 features a smart inverter motor and LG's AEROSCIENCE(TM) air flow technology to generate powerful mini whirlwinds of air to separate out dust particles and provide a thorough clean.

  • HEPA Filter
  • Powerful Smart Inverter Motor(TM)
  • HomeView(TM), HomeGuard(TM)
  • Washable Filters
  • Power Drive Nozzle(TM)
  • Smart Turbo Mode


  • Power Drive Nozzle - The belt driven Power Drive Nozzle(TM) cleaning head rotates the roller while cleaning to help effectively lift dirt, dust and hair from a variety of surfaces.
  • Anti-Tangle Brush - The anti-tangle design within the cleaning head helps to reduce the amount of hair that is caught in the brush and bristles.
  • 5 Step Filtration System - The multi-step air filtration system is designed to remove and deposit larger dust particles in steps 1-3 and deposit them in the dust bin, while finer dust is filtered and captured in steps 4-5.
  • Removable and Washable Filters - Dirt can build up on the filters inside your vacuum. The metal filter, cloth pre filter and fine dust HEPA filter can all be removed and washed in water to clean dirt away. Leave the filters to completely dry before placing back in the vacuum.
  • Easy Emptying - The dust bin can be removed from the vacuum cleaner body and emptied by simply pressing the release button on the canister.
  • Detecting Objects, Understanding Spaces - The R9 can analyse and remember information about the space it cleans with the assistance of a camera and laser sensor positioned at the front of the vacuum. Intelligent cleaning for enhanced performance.
  • 3D DUAL Eye(TM) - 3D DUAL Eye(TM) technology utilises a front mounted camera and 3D laser sensor in combination so the vacuum can accurately recognise its surrounding and navigate around household objects.
  • 3D Laser Sensor(TM) - The 3D Laser Sensor(TM) is able to detect objects to help it avoid collisions with obstacles as it moves around rooms in the house.


  • Vacuum Type : Robotic
  • Colour : Iron Gray
  • Dust Bin Capacity : 0.6L
  • Removable Dust Bin : Yes (Washable)
  • Headlights : Yes (When remotely accessed)
  • Display & Controls : White LED
  • Motor Technology : Smart Inverter Motor(R) P9
  • Cyclone Technology : Axial Turbo Cyclone(R)
  • Power Drive Nozzle(R) : Anti-Tangle
  • Battery Type : Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Capacity : 5300mAh
  • Battery Indicator : Yes (3 step)
  • Charging Time : 4 hours
  • Filtration Technology : 5 Step
  • Washable Filters : 3 (Pre-Filter, Metal Dust Filter, Fine Dust (HEPA) Filter)
  • Primary Mapping Sensor : Camera
  • Object Detection Sensor : 3D Laser Sensor(TM)
  • Bumper Sensor : Yes (3)
  • Cliff Sensor : Yes (2 Front, 2 Rear)
  • Dust Sensor : Yes
  • Cleaning Modes : Spiral Spot, Zig Zag, Edge Cleaning, Manual Control
  • Smart Turbo Mode : Yes (Carpet, Wall & Heavy Dust Detection)
  • Self-Learning Function : Yes
  • SLAM Technology : Yes
  • Mapping Resume : Yes
  • Smart Object Recognition : Yes
  • Smart Room Recognition : Yes
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi
  • Notifications (Push Alerts) : Yes
  • Software Upgradable : Yes
  • Schedule Cleaning : Yes (Multiple Schedules)
  • Smart Diagnosis(R) : Yes
  • My Zone (Select a room to clean) : Yes
  • Home View(R) (Remotely control your vacuum) : Yes
  • Home Guard(R) (Detect motion and capture photos) : Yes
  • Cleaning Diary (See your cleaning history) : Yes
  • Languages : 15
  • Remote Control : Yes
  • Remote Control Holder : Yes
  • Docking Charger : Yes
  • Product (W x D x H) : 285mm x 330mm x 143mm
  • Packaging (W x D x H) : 510mm x 310mm x 208mm
  • Weight - Unit Only : 4.2kg
  • EAN : 8806098332885
  • Robot Vacuum : 2 Years Parts & Labour
  • Battery : 12 Months Warranty
  • Smart Inverter Motor(R) : 10 Years Warranty*

LG R9 Master Powerful Robotic Vacuum R9Master

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