LifeSmart Cololight Quantum Lamp Decor Voice Control DIY WiFi LED Night Light Wall Ambient Lighting 5 combos set

LED RGB lighting system with extensional modules

With Cololight coming, now it is possible for you to become a lighting designer to create pleasant ambience through a simple smartphone App.

Whether for relaxing mood lighting in the living room, or exciting party lighting at the bar , varied lighting is the visual focus for almost any purposes.

Cololight empowers you to create customized lighting design with the innovative extensional system. You may plug the modules together to create a small figure, a sign or just large area with hundreds modules, and split them later to reshape into any other patterns you like.

Get Cololight now and start your new atmosphere lighting adventure right away!

Click the above picture to watch the introduce on Yutube !


  • Note: ;The color of the lights may vary slightly depending on the batch.We guarantee the quality and function you will like, thank you for your understanding and support.

  • This Smart Light needs to be used in conjunction with Cololight APP

  • Model: ;LS166A3+LS161+LS161

  • 3 combos set + Singlex2

  • Material

    • Front Panel:ABS
    • Others:ABS+PC
    • Connection: Wi-Fi (2.4 Ghz)
    • Power supply: USB 5V
  • Recommended number of modules per USB adapter:

    • 5V USB adapter with 1A: up to 10 modules
    • Every 10 more modules need another 1A power supply
  • Unit number upper limit per controller: 255(adequate power supply required)

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa: Yes

  • Compatible with Google Home: Yes

  • USB adapter included: No

  • Operating temperature: -5°C - 45°C

  • Operating humidity: 5%~90%

  • Operating environment: For indoor use only

  • Number of LEDs per module: 19 RGB LEDs

  • USB cable length: 100cm

  • Usage: Night Light, Party Lighting, Indirect Mood Lighting, Wall Lighting

  • Best for Christmas gift, Birthday gift, bar light, company logo and any symbol that you would like

  • App Features

    • App upgrade: Yes
    • Firmware upgrade: Yes
    • Group control: Yes
    • Light effect changing with music: Yes
    • Mobile remote control: Yes - Registration required
    • Timer ON/OFF: Yes
    • Voice control through Amazon Alexa/Google Home: Yes
    • Switch ON/OFF: Yes
    • Dimmable: Yes
    • Language support: English, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
    • Selection & Customized colors: Yes
    • Selection & Customized playing methods: Yes
    • Selection & Customized dynamic effects: Yes
  • Package Contents :

    • 1x controller unit ;PRO
    • 5x Cololight
    • 4x connector
    • 1x plastic base
  • Product and Accessory size:

  • Cololight:86*74.5*30.5mm

  • Controller Unit:73.1*45*8.9 mm

  • Plastic Base:168.2*63.1*23mm

  • Connector:23.1*17.5*9mm

  • Product and Accessory weight:

  • Cololight:52.5g

  • Controller Unit:30g

  • Plastic Base:35.5g

  • Connector:2.6g