Lifespan Kids Woomera Flying Fox Kit with Monkey Seat

Take off on a zip-line in your own backyard with the Woomera Flying Fox. The Woomera comes with everything you need to set up this high flying zip-line. Hold on to the flying fox trolley, or attach the Monkey Swing for a more comfortable ride.

General Structure

  • Black Trolley: 1 piece, 26.6cm x 15cm x 15cm
  • Main Cable: 1 piece, 28.96m
  • Sling Cable: 1 piece, 1.53m
  • Turnbuckle: 1 piece, (15.24cm) Steel with locking hardware
  • U clamps: 3 pieces
  • Seat with hanging Rope 1 piece Red and height is adjustable
  • Bungee Cord block kit 15'length (for brake)
  • Instructions included
  • Max Weight Capacity: 113kg