Light My Fire FireSteel 2.0 Army Black

All you need to light your fire in any weather
Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defence, The Light My Fire FireSteel BIO Army Firestarter is your best friend when it comes to lighting a fire in any weather.

Durable and Reliable
The striker component is made from Magnesium alloy. This makes for a durable fire striker that will work reliably for approximately 12,000 strikes. Its 5,400-degrees Fahrenheit (3,000-degrees Celsius) spark makes fire building easy in any in any weather, at any altitude.

Environmental Credentials
The plastic components of the FireSteel 2.0 BIO ArMy is derived from Biobased plastics. You can use this fire starter to ignite any fuel including Light My Fire TinderSticks, flammable gas, or liquid fuel. The FireSteel 2.0 BIO ArMy can also be used to light traditional alcohol and modern gas stoves.

Bring it on all your outdoor adventures
The striker includes a whistle for emergency situation. This lightweight, compact and reliable fire-starting tool is worth bringing with you on all your outdoor adventures.
Works when it´s wet and windy
• Durable, up to 12 000 strikes
• Built-in emergency whistle
• Travel-safe
• Grip-friendly design
• Biobased Bioplastic
• Made in Sweden
• Includes handy CircBag for easy storage
• Material Features: Spark-sure magnesium alloy, Strong nylon cord, BIO-plastic handles, stainless steel striker
• Sustainable Features: A low-waste way to ensure fire, again, again and again.
• FireSteel Handle, Biobased content 96%
• Army FireSteel
• Army Striker Handle, Biobased content 96%
• Army Striker
• Army Cord
• CircBag Small