Light My Fire StackPlate 4-Pack Plate Set Blue/Lilac/Green/Yellow

The only plate you’ll ever need
The Light My Fire StackPlate BIO, made in Sweden is a portable plate to bring with you camping or for a picnic.

Compact Design
Each plate fits into the other, which means the whole stack takes up very little space. The triangular shape and high edge of the plate makes them versatile for any type of dish. Their durability makes them useful to use with kids.

Biobased Plastics
They also utilize 100% BPA free and Biobased plastics made of sugar cane and wood fibres. These stackable plates are microwave and dishwasher safe, which makes them easy to clean.
• Bring along friendly and stackable
• Includes handy CircBag for easy storage
• Easy to clean – no sharp corners
• Microwave safe
• Dishwasher safe
• BPA free
• Made in Sweden
• Made from Biobased Bioplastics
• Material Features: StackPlate made from certified sugarcane with wood fibre based bioplastics
• Sustainable Features: Reusable, use again, again and again…