Lime Cordiale - 14 Steps To A Better You CD

Lime Cordiale, the Sydney band who have been gaining huge momentum and winning over legions of fans all across the globe, officially announce the release of their hotly-anticipated second LP. The album titled 14 Steps To A Better You will be released via Chugg Music / London Cowboys.

If their 2017 debut Permanent Vacation was a permission slip to go your own way, 14 Steps is a navigation device for those who got lost. The album title is a parody of self-help books and its songs represent “lessons” on how to be your best self, packed with incisive commentary about their mates, lovers and the world at large. “We all have a certain level of power so remember, the power is yours,” say the boys. “Be a better you.”

Some of these messages might be sharp, but the sunny, buoyant, music makes them easy to digest. 14 Steps was recorded over two weeks on a farm in New South Wales with “no reception and no distractions.” As with the first album, they worked with producer Dave Hammer and this time, with an established rapport, were able to experiment and play; “find beautiful sounds and wreck them.” Elephant in the Room features choppy arrangement and vocal distortion; Screw Loose has a sludgy, ska-like vibe. On Our Own is breezy surf pop, while Money has edgy, art-rock textures. No two songs are alike, but all of them go down as easily as an ice-cold beer in a heatwave.

Still buzzing from their Hottest 100 sweep (four songs under 40 in triple j’s Hottest 100 of 2019), the year ahead looks equally bright for Lime Cordiale. The release of what is sure to be one of the year’s most beloved albums should see their rise go stratospheric -- and they’ll be back playing their beloved live shows in venues all over the world as soon as humanly possible.

Review of Lime Cordiale - 14 Steps To A Better You by Thomas Bleach

The evolution of Lime Cordiale has been an exciting journey to watch unfold. Hailing from the Northern Beaches, this dynamic duo have gone from playing at huge festivals, to headlining sold out shows, to even making their own touring festival called The Squeeze. And on the music front, they’ve continued to connect with a growing fanbase that earned them four tracks in the 2019 triple j Hottest 100 countdown.
With the release of their sophomore studio album ’14 Steps To A Better You’, they are taking a step towards rightfully filling even bigger venues. Creating a cohesive collection of tracks, they’ve honed an energy which is vibrant, upbeat and engaging from start to finish.
With seven singles already taken from the album, fans will be well acquainted with the stylings of ‘Dirt Cheap’, ‘Money’, ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’, ‘Robbery’, ‘Addicted To Sunshine’, ‘On Our Own’ and the recent future show anthem ‘Screw Loose’. While this is a lot of material that is already known, they have given fans seven brand new songs that tie together the expansive emotions the album explores of heartbreak, angst and self criticism and realisations.
Opening with the dreamy aesthetics of ‘That’s Life’, there is a playful “ooh, hello” at the beginning of the song which perfectly sets the sunshine vibes this album embodies. It’s a laid back song that isn't as gritty as other tracks like ‘No Plans To Make Plans’ which incorporates some ska production elements while ‘Can’t Take All The Blame’ brings out some serious Arctic Monkeys vibes.
‘Elephant In The Room’ highlights the playful foundations that this album is built on with some of their psychedelic tendencies shinning through. But it’s ‘We Just Get By’ that immediately stood out to me with its carefree aesthetic of just living life and not overthinking the decisions we have to make in our adult lives.
This record is a very cohesive collection of tracks that hears them ultimately having a lot of fun as musicians which translates perfectly to their engaging live show.

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