Lock & Lock Classic Rectangular Tall Container with Handle 4.8L

Lift this tall 4.8 litre Lock & Lock rectangular container by its well-balanced handle when pouring grains, liquids or other ingredients and keep ingredients secure from contamination and fresh for longer with the four tab locking system with airtight and spill proof silicone seal. Dishwasher, freezer and even microwave safe, this BPA-free container will keep your pantry organised and the revolutionary tabs will not break of snap with repeated use. When heating in the microwave be sure to release all four locking tabs re prevent a build- up of pressure and wash your Lock & Lock in the dishwasher as necessary. Collect the space-saving and stackable styles in this Lifetime Warranted range.

Construction: BPA-free plastics Silicone
Capacity: 4.8 L
Feature: Clear view of contents Comfortable handle Stackable design
Cleaning/Care: Dishwasher safe
Made in: South Korea
Warranty: Lifetime against manufacturer's defects or faults