Lock & Lock Rectangular Tall Container 2.3L HPL825

Lock & Lock Rectangular Container 2.3L (HPL825)

A generous size container with a clear body allowing you to view the contents inside. This rectangular container is made with excellent lid seals for an airtight result.

Prefect for storing food in the fridge, freezer or on-the-go. Simply heat your food up in the microwave when ready.


Large rectangular design
2.3L Capacity
Measures 232mm x 165mm x 95mm
Features 4 safety clips
Stack or nest for convenient storage
Liquid tight
BPA Free
Microwave safe
Dishwasher safe
Limited lifetime warranty

The World's No.1 selling and original air-tight container locking system.
Lock & Lock is the best container system in the world. It is genuinely air tight with easy fix and remove lids that are guaranteed to last for over 3 million uses. Why is the world's best? Because of these great features;

Permeability - One of the most important features
The lower the permeability factor of your container, the longer your food will stay fresh. In independent testing Lock & Lock has shown to be over 200 times better than most brands and resisting permeability. This means in Lock & Lock your food stays fresher for much longer.

Silicon Seals - Lock & Lock seals are special, they compress and restore better
Lock & Lock have special structure hollow silicon seals which compress and restore time and time again. What does this mean for you? It means not only are Lock & Lock completely waterproof and impermeable when you get them, they stay that way even after years of repeated use.

Block Hole - The Lock & Lock patented "Molten Liquid Flow Blocking Hole"
This special design feature applied to all the hinges of Lock & Lock products is one of its great secrets. By doing this a weld line does not form on the lid clips making them much easier to use and almost unbreakable. Testing conclusively shows you can open and close a Lock & Lock lid over 3 million times before it fails. Nearly every other product on the market suffers from broken clips, not Lock & Lock. This feature almost makes Lock & Lock lids incredibly easy to open and close.

The highest health safety standards.
Long before anybody else were doing it, Lock & Lock containers were BPA free. They have also passed just about every safety standard in the world including the "Quality Certification" (Q Mark), "Hygiene and Safety" (HS Mark), USA FDA approved and German SGS approved. This means you can use Lock & Lock containers for all your food products knowing that are completely safe for human use.

Microwave Use and Care

  • Unlock all four latches and loosen lid before using in microwave.
  • The lid and base are both microwave safe for reheating purposes only.
  • Do not use in oven, browning oven or on a hot plate.
  • Overheating of high fat content foods will result in staining.