Lodge Silicone Hot Handle Holder Red

Good quality cast iron gets hot all over when in use and its nature is to hold the heat for a long time. Keep your hands safe when handling your Lodge Cast Iron Pans by using the Red Silicone Hot Handle Holder.

Comfortable and dishwasher safe, the Hot Handle Holder will give heat protection up to 230C and is designed to fit snugly on Lodge traditional style handles.

About Lodge

The Lodge story started early last century in the town of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, and the legacy of their vision lives on today. Delivering individual sand-moulded cast iron products (pre-seasoned at the foundry for immediate use), together with a range of seasoned steel pans and useful accessories, the Lodge name is synonymous with award winning quality, and recognisable heritage designs.

Construction Silicone
Dimensions 5cm (width) x 14cm (height)
Oven safe No
Dishwasher safe Yes
Colour Red
Made in China