Log Splitter 30 Ton Hydraulic Lifting Table Black Diamond Wood Cutter 6.5Hp

No more back pain ;of chopping firewood! Our ;Black Diamond 30 Ton Log Splitter with Hydraulic Lifting Table ;offers relief from the back-breaking work of splitting logs, and also ;enable you to handle various types and sizes of logs ;with much less effort.

Having the famous Black Diamond brand that has been around for over 20 years, with ;thousands of products being sold all over Australia, buy from us and you can buy with confidence. ;


  • It comes up with the Heavy Duty Lifting Table ;for ;easy loading and unloading logs. Therefore, it can ;save your back and huge amount of extra times ;from bending over and picking up firewood to split again from each cord of wood. ;
  • No need to lift those big logs up onto the wood splitter. The powerful Hydraulic Lifting/Working Table helps you ;***catch the falling woods ;***as well as ;***allows storage ;***for multiple timbers and ;split them again.
  • The reinforced 8" (20 cm) Heavy Duty Wedge is made up of hardened cast steel which makes it extremely durable and easily slice through the toughest of wood. ;It can split wood up to a massive 610mm in Length. ;
  • With a ;***2-stage gear pump - ;***a control lever allows you to stop the ram at any time during the cutting cycle and ;also quickly builds up to 30 tons of log splitting pressure, the LS30LT can split any types of wood with ease. ;
  • It comes with 16” pneumatic ;wheels for easy movement ;around your property with a 45MPH (72KPH) travel maximum (not for on public roads use).
  • You'll also be please to know that 5 litres of Premium Hydraulic Oil is included with this splitter, this could otherwise cost up to an additional $38 from other dealers.

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  • 6.5HP Manual Start Engine

  • 8″(20cm) Dia. x 2″(5cm) Jockey Wheel

  • Max. Log Length: 24″(61cm)

  • Heavy Duty 4 1/2″(11.5cm) x 23″(57.5cm) Cylinder

  • 8″(20cm) Heavy Duty Cast Steel Wedge,

  • The maximum lifting capacity of table is 50KG

  • 2-Stage Gear Pump for Minimum 17s Cycle Time

  • Auto Return Valve, with Safe Relief Function

  • Safe Chain, Wheel Fenders Included, with Reflector.

    Shipping Dimensions: ;173 x 52x 79cm, 315kg

    Model Number: LS30LTBD

Please note: The LS30LT will be delivered partially assembled in a crate.

Please ensure that a suitable lifting unit is available such as a forklift or a crane or tractor with forks are available to unload upon delivery. ;

If customers ;don’t have means to unload, ;you ;may be required to pick item up from a designated freight depot; ;otherwise a truck with a hydraulic tailgate will need to be organized at an additional cost. ;


The unit can be assembled for an additional charge for local customers. ;