Luminite Modo Black Table Lamp Reading Desk Light Bedside Home Decor Furniture

Luminite Modo Black Desk Lamp 23x14x38.5cm

Keep your desk well lit and illuminated by this table lamp! This will surely help you to work productively, efficiently and easier. Just direct the light where you need it. It is also made of a compact metal base, wooden arm and features a classic black finish with ON/OFF switch on its cord. Perfect to use at your bedside table, desk table and for reading or studying even at night! Choose and get yours now at our variety of table lamps!


Colour: Black

Material: Metal/Wood

Style: Desk Lamp

Features ON/OFF Switch

Dimension: 27X14X38.5cm

Maximum of 25W of globe

Power: 240V

Great for our bedside, desk and coffee table

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Luminite showcases a brand new range of lighting solutions with a focus on wood, rope and stone. From lamps, desk lights, chandeliers, hanging pendant lights, and filament bulbs Luminite is uniquely modern with an industrial flair.