M2155L 6.3V- 15V 1A Mains Transformer 15Va Multiple Tapped Voltages Total Va Rating: 15Va 6.3V- 15V 1A MAINS TRANSFORMER

  • Specifications

  • _Primary voltage: 240V AC

  • Total VA rating: 15VA_

  • Insulation: Class E (120°C)_

  • Magnetising current: <60mA_

  • Temperature rise: <60°C_

  • Regulation: ˜10%_

  • Recommended primary AC fuse: 250mA_

  • Weight: ˜555g_

  • Primary connection: 200mm fly leads_

  • Secondary connection: Solder tags_

  • AS/NZS 61558.2.6 approval: Q042028_

  • AS3108 approval: CS/813/Q

  • Primary fitted with 200mm fly leads. Secondary taps have solder tags.

Weight: 0.5830