M2O Endurance Just Send It Crew Plus Compression Socks Black/Yellow


Keep Your Feet Feeling Energized And Fresh
M2O “Just Send It” Crew Plus Compression Socks are especially created for cycling and scientifically designed with a unique energy maintenance system which simultaneously supports and stimulates the foot area from heel to calf.

Reduce Swelling In Your Legs
Engineered with a Class 2 graduated compression rating (16-28 mmHg) they encourage better blood flow, upgraded energy transfer, and greater circulation in the whole body whilst also helping to reduce swelling in your legs and feet keeping them feeling energized and fresh.

Anatomic Right & Left Foot Socks Improve Energy Flow
With specifically designed left and right feet to provide comfort, support and optimised energy flow, these M2O “Just Send It” Crew Plus Compression Cycling Socks offer a firm hold across the foot, ankle and lower leg so that cyclists are able to leverage more power for increased endurance and speed.

Better Blood Flow Means More Energy
The specific compression design of M2O Endurance “Just Send It” Crew Plus Cycling Socks encourages better blood flow, upgraded energy transfer and greater circulation. This allows the lower leg to achieve peak performance throughout warm up, training and extreme race conditions.

Arch Support For Better Performance
As well as providing vital support throughout the arch of the foot, Mountains 2 Ocean (M20) Cycling Socks have in-built ventilation to reduce slipping and abrasive rubbing during heavy exercise. These are a must-have compression garment for cyclists looking to power better performance and give themselves an extra competitive edge.

Moisture Wicking & Anti-Microbial