Macbook Pro iPhone USB-C PD USB-A Fast AC Wall Charger Charge Station


This compact, powerful AC wall charger by MXT is specifically designed for charging multiple devices.
The USB-C port offers power delivery up to 60W for juice-hungry laptops and tablets.
While 3x standard USB ports (12W) charge smartphones, tablets & more.

The USB-C allows the use of Power Delivery 2.0 (part of the USB spec), which can provide a variety of voltages and amp to charge higher-wattage devices --
like Apple’s 12-inch MacBook and the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro models.
They vary in power requirements from 29W for the MacBook to 45W, 60W, 61W, 85W, and 87W for the various MacBook Pros.

(*At 60W with USB-C PD, this Smart IQ charger can charge all of these. Though it won’t charge the largest MacBook Pros at 85w / 87w at full speed.)
(*It does not support Apple’s Lightning to USB-C cable for the iPad Pro)


  • Dedicated USB-C port with up to 60W power delivery for laptops and more
  • 5v/9v/15v/20v 3A output from USB-C Port with auto device detection
  • 5v 2.4A (12w) power for 3 x USB-A Ports
  • Simultaneously charge up to 4 devices
  • Total power output 72w
  • Smart IC for Intelligent Charging
  • Compact size, perfect for travel too
  • 100-240v input voltage
  • Australian certified local stock with C-tick approval
  • Unit size: 91 x 70 x 25mm approx
  • 1.4m detachable Australian AC power cord
  • USB cables not included

Brand new in box.
Sold with 1 year warranty.