Maclocks MMEN76 Compulocks Mac Mini Security Mount Enclosure

The Maclocks MMEN76 latest Security Mac Mini Lock / Mac Mini Mount do a fantastic job at securing your new Mac Mini. Enclosure includes Mac Mini Security Enclosure and Mac Mini Security Lock. Well it doesn't get much easier, you can mount the mac mini using a security bracket to any surface (wall, desk, under table, back of the monitor) utilizing the standard set of 75 or 100 VESA mount holes. This mac mini mount is made from 100% Solid high grade aluminum construction and makes for a great security solution.

You slide the mac mini into the Mac Mini Mount and security bracket, secure the lock in place and you are good to go - all in seconds. The loop-ended security cable is galvanized steel and the cable can be looped around a stationary object. Furthermore, we are happy to report there is no WI FI signal lost what so ever.