Magic Poo Prank Putty

Prank your family and friends with Magic Poo - the disgustingly squishy brown putty that's so satisfyingly stress-relieving to squish you'll want to squash it in your hands all day long.

But the fun does not end there. When you're finished squishing and squashing your Magic Poo, it's time to place it near the potty to prank your pals, because it looks so realistically poo-ish that anyone who comes across it is definitely going to think you missed the bowl when you emptied your bowels. Gross!

Magic Poo comes conveniently contained in a little storage tub, so when you're not relieving stress or putting your family and friends' poo-spotting skills to the test, it will stay in pristine poo-pranking condition!

  • Ooey gooey brown poo
  • Squishy brown putty
  • It shatters & it melts!
  • It's soft & it's hard!
  • It's a bit magical and totally gross
  • Ideal for prank shenanigans
  • Comes in a storage tub


  • Dimensions: Container is 7 x 2 cms
  • Material: Putty
  • Ages: 3 and above. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to choking hazard