Magic Vibrating Head Massager

MAGIC VIBRATING HEAD MASSAGER Do you know what pure bliss feels like? Many would argue that a hot bath at the end of a long day comes close, or a good book and a cup of tea, or bungee jumping from a hot air balloon is your idea of heaven.

All these things are pretty awesome, we'll agree, but true bliss can only be found in one place, and that place just happens to be at the head-massaging end of an Orgasmatron, or more simply, this vibrating head massager.

Get your significant other (or simply DIY) to place it on top of your head, turn it on and slowly pull up and down to induce immediate euphoria followed by pure bliss. The vibrating metal arms slowly melt away all the stress of the day.

You're welcome.


  • A vibrating head massager unlike any other!
  • Induces pure bliss with every stroke
  • Goosebumps guaranteed


  • Batteries: 1 x AA required (not included)
  • Dimensions: 19 cms long
  • Colour: Handles are assorted colours sent randomly