Magimix Cook Expert XXL Steamer Attachment

Meet the XXL Steamer Attachment, for use with your Magimix Cook Expert.Oil and fat-free cooking is the style of choice for health conscious families and now you can steam layers of food at once in this XXL beauty. From a whole fish to garden fresh vegetables with picked herbs or rice dishes and puddings, you will never have to sacrifice on flavour and always be ready to cook. Make an investment in healthier cooking for life when you steam cook fresh foods for your family using the XXL Steamer Attachment with your Magimix Cook Expert.

Construction: 100% BPA free Stainless steel Heat resistant glass
Capacity: 5.5 L
Features: Perforated food platforms Versatile cooking mode
Colour: Clear
Cleaning/Care: Bowls and blades dishwasher safe
Made in: France
Warranty: 3 years